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SAVVY SCIENCE develops innovative technologies and sustainable solutions. In this first Blog post, we would like to introduce the company and give a taste of the future.

The mission of Savvy Science is to develop innovate technology and sustainable solutions to protect and enhance the global environment.




Savvy Science operates across several technology platforms, including: Sustainable Semiconductors, Printed and Organic Electronics and the Internet of Things:



Semiconductors play an important role in daily life. Their unique optical and electronic properties enable us to construct critical components that drive computers, smartphones, televisions, lighting, solar panels, and ever more frequently our cars and home appliances. The focus of the Sustainable Semiconductor platform is to develop technologies and solutions to maximize the environmental benefits of semiconductors. This could be achieved through higher efficiency, longer operational lifetime or the increased use of sustainable and recyclable materials.


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Printed and Organic Electronics devices are lightweight and flexible, with an attractive form factor that opens unique design possibilities. Examples of Printed and Organic Electronic devices include Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) and Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) panels. The focus of the Printed and Organic Electronics platform is to develop innovative technologies that enable a new wave of sustainable products.



The Internet of Things (IOT) is the ever-expanding network of connected devices. It extends connectivity beyond classic devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and watches to devices such as vehicles, industrial apparatus, medical devices, home appliances and energy infrastructure. With this connectivity, such devices can now communicate and interact, data can be collected, and remote monitoring or control is enabled. The focus of the Internet of Things platform is to develop novel technologies were Sustainable Semiconductors and Printed and Organic Electronic devices can be used to expand and improve the Internet of Things to benefit the global environment.



Savvy Science operates across two platforms: Technology Innovation and Technology Services:



Innovative technologies and patent portfolios are developed in-house at Savvy Science. These may be offered for sale or form the basis of dynamic start-up companies. Current innovation projects include the infini project, which aims to dramatically reduce plastic waste, and the PeroLED project, where displays with vibrant colours are under development.



Savvy Science provides technology  services direct to clients and partners. Solutions for all aspects of technology development are provided. Please visit the Savvy Science website to find out more. Numerous technology consulting projects have been successfully completed. Some example projects include development and commercialization of roll-to-roll printed organic photovoltaic (OPV) panels, and scale-up of quantum dot technology for next-generation QLED displays.



Savvy Science was founded by Dr Peter Levermore (Pete), who also serves as Chief Executive Officer of the company. Dr Levermore has pioneered technology development in the printed and organic electronics industry for almost 15 years at global companies such as Universal Display Corporation, Merck KGaA and Sumitomo Chemical Company. During this time, he has developed proprietary technology in Display, Solar and Lighting industries, resulting in over 50 granted and pending patents, and set numerous world records for semiconductor device performance. With the founding of Savvy Science, there is now the opportunity to apply this unique knowledge and experience to develop technologies and sustainable solutions to protect and enhance the global environment.



Welcome to Savvy Science

SAVVY SCIENCE is a dynamic start-up company built on the cornerstones of Technology, Innovation and Sustainability. In this first Blog post, we would like to introduce the company and give a taste of the future.


SAVVY SCIENCE is pleased to announce the formation of UK technology company PeroLED Limited.

Organic Light Emitting Diodes

SAVVY SCIENCE has worked on many projects relating to Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs). In this Blog post, we would like to talk briefly about the unique properties of OLED technology and give an overview of the OLED landscape.

Organic Solar Panels

SAVVY SCIENCE recently completed a technology consulting project on the development and commercialization of organic solar panels. In this Blog post, we would like to talk about this innovative new technology and describe the emerging industry.